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Retro Video Review Episode 2 – Manglors

Retro Video Review 2 Title

In the first episode of Toy World Order’s Retro Video Review, we present to you Devall’s Manglors review and history that originally aired as part of That New Toy Smell in 2010!

PLEASE NOTE – This video is being presented as it was created in 2010 for the youtube series That New Toy Smell.

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Hasbro Star Wars Black 6 inch Bossk REVIEW

Bossk Title

Devall and Dave are BACK with an all-new toy review! This time, they take a look at the all-new 6 inch Star Wars Black release of the bounty hunter BOSSK! So, come and check it out!

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LEGO Disney Princess Frozen Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle REVIEW

LEGO Frozen Title

Devall and Puppet Devall are BACK with an all-new LEGO review! This time, they visit the Kingdom of Arendale and visit with Elsa and Anna of Disney’s hit film FROZEN as they give us a look at the all-new LEGO Disney Princess building set, ELSA’S SPARKLING ICE CASTLE!

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Collection Expansion Extravaganza Episode 25: Mickey, Muppets and Alf!

Collection title

The old becomes the new! Flea Market Finds becomes Devall’s Collection Expansion Extravaganza!

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BKBN.Net’s Toy Talk LIVE with Devall!

Toy Talk title

The man in charge of ToyWorldOrder, Devall, was a guest on BKBN.net’s Toy Talk Live with Hosts Sean Long, Shartimus Prime and John 3.0!

Click in to listen to an AMAZING podcast!

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c2e2 2013 Interview with Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter Host Jordan Hembrough


Devall had the pleasure of spending some time with Toy Hunter host Jordan Hembrough at this year’s c2e2 in Chicago! The toy geek and the toy hunter talk of the show’s success, the future of the show, the capturing of America’s nostalgic childhood sweet-tooth and pal around!

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Flea Market Finds With Devall Episode 2

In this new show, Devall will unveil some of his best finds from toy shows, flea markets, garage sales and auctions! So join us as we take a look at just WHAT Devall can find!

In this episode, Devall shows off some Captain Power finds, some Muppets, and SO MUCH MORE!

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Married to the Collection Episode 1 – Introductions!

Welcome to the FIRST episode of our all-new podcast! Spend some time with the Devall’s as Husband Devall tries to explain his collecting habits to his Wife, Carrie!

This week, Devall and Carrie spend some time recounting how they met, Carrie’s first realization that there were more than movies in Devall’s collection and some of their trials and tribulations with the collecting bug!

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Toy Adventures with Devall – Talking Mickey Mouse Repair

Devall has an all new series of shorts that he has called Toy Adventures with Devall! In the first offering, he gives you a look into his newest toy obsession, Worlds of Wonder Talking Toys! So join Devall as he finds a broken Mickey and tries to fix it! Does he succeed? Click in to find out!

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Bandai Thundercats Cheetara Review

Devall is back with an all-new Thundercats review! This time he takes a look at the speedster of the team, CHEETARA!

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