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TMNT 2012 Rippin’ Rider from Playmates Toys Review!

BC Direct takes a look at the Meanest, Greenest thing on 2 wheels! There have been many incarnations of the Turtle Cycle, See how this one compares!

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TMNT Secret Sewer Lair Playset Review!

BC Direct checks out the coolest playset of the year, and quite possibly EVER! This massive playset from Playmates Toys features everything from Mutagen Ooze Pipes to Power Line Launchers!

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TMNT 2012 Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard Review!

BC Direct reviews his first non-figure as he takes a look at the new TMNT Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard. Look at all the craziness it can do!

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Clear pictures and info released from Playmates Toys for 2012 TMNT line!

Prepping for their upcoming cartoon on Nickelodeon, Playmates Toys has released information reguarding the line as well as official pictures of what’s coming to store shelves soon!

We have already reviewed figures from the standard and classics line, but below are pictures of them as well as SFX figures, the vehicles, and the GIGANTIC Sewer Lair set!

Basic Action Figures:  With more than 12 points of articulation, these

action figures are the most highly detailed and articulated Turtle figures

ever made!   Each turtle figure is uniquely sculpted, with heights ranging

from 4.25 inches to 4.75 inches, to capture the individual personalities of

the characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show. The line

includes the four main turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and

Michelangelo, as well as their sensei, Splinter, and April O’ Neil, their

human connection to the surface.  Each Turtle is wearing his signature

bandana and comes packed with their two core Ninja weapons for hours of

Ninja playing excitement.  A bonus weapons accessory rack is also

included.  The Basic Figure line also features characters from The Evil

Foot Clan, including Shredder, The Kraang and a Foot Soldier.  Each

figure is compatible with the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of

vehicles and playsets. (Ages 4+, $7.99 – $8.99 each, August 2012) 


Deluxe Power Sound FX Figures:  Able to deliver battle phrases with

awesome sound effects, the Power Sound FX Figures come to life like

never before!  Each of the figures stands 5.5 inches tall and features

proprietary wire coil activation in the arms and legs that triggers heroic

battle phrases.  Kids simply pull back and hold the activation limb to hear

reverberated phrases such as “I’m invincible!” and “Hiiiiiiii-yaa!” Each

figure comes with different battle phrases and sound effects, as well as

their core Ninja weapons.  The Power Sound FX Figures collection

includes Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Shredder. 

(Ages 4+, $12.99 each, August 2012)


Classis Collection Action Figures: The Classic Collection Action Figures

reflect the look of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 80’s

TV show. Each Turtle stands 6 inches tall, features more than 30 points of

articulation and is authentically detailed to appeal to the true action figure

collector. Each Turtle will come with its core Ninja weapons and a

personalized sewer lid cover name base. The Classic Collection Action

Figures collection includes Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and

Michelangelo. (Ages 4+, $14.99 each, August 2012)


“Battle Shell” Figures: Available exclusively at Toys“R”Us, these

oversized figured vary in heights from 10.5 inches to 11.5 inches tall.

Each Turtle is fully articulated and comes with their core Ninja weapons

that store either on their belt or their back holster, as well as secondary

weapon accessories, which can be stored in the Turtles’ opening back

shells.  The “Battle Shell” Figures collection includes Raphael,

Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo (Ages 4+, $29.99 each or all 4

for $100, August 2012, Toys“R”Us exclusive)


Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard:  Compatible with all the Basic Turtle

Action Figures, the Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard comes ready to Shred!

The skateboard looks just like the skateboard featured in the TV show and

includes Ninja Battle Boost technology that allows it to perform up to 10

different skateboard tricks.  Kids simply position their favorite Turtle in

various configurations on the board, rev it up, release and watch their hero

perform cool tricks! Includes a stunt ramp for high flying action! (Ages

4+, $10.99, August 2012)   

Rippin’ Rider:  With the Rippin’ Rider, the Turtles can hit the road ready

for battle! Compatible with all the Basic Turtle Action Figures, the

Rippin’ Rider comes complete with classic Turtle details and textures,

including chopper front forks, quadruple rear exhaust and a T-shaped

headlight to sniff out The Foot wherever they are hiding.  To fight against

Shredder and the evil Foot Clan, the Rippin’ Rider also includes “Finger

Flick Missiles” that will destroy the enemies on impact!  (Ages 4+,

$10.99, August 2012)   



Ninja Stealth Bike:  A true Ninja needs a stealthy ride with awesome

looks and details, and the Ninja Stealth Bike more than delivers!  As seen

in the TV show and compatible with all the Basic Turtle Action Figures,

the Ninja Stealth Bike allows the Turtles to travel the streets hunting down

The Kraang, without being seen!  The vehicle features a textured turtle

shell that covers the turtle from head to toe, and to on-lookers from above,

makes it look just like the street.  But with Ninja Battle Boost technology

and the flip of a button, the shell opens, revealing a Ninja Turtle ready for

battle!  The cycle comes with an exclusive Raphael action figure decout

in his slick helmet and gloves. (Ages 4+, $19.99, August 2012)   

Dragon Chopper:  A bad enemy like The Foot and the dreaded Foot

Soldiers need a bad ride, and the Dragon Chopper is a really, really BAD

RIDE!   As seen in the TV show and compatible with Shredder, the Foot

Soldiers and the four Basic Turtle Action Figures, the Dragon Chopper has

a look and style like no other.  It includes Ninja Battle Boost technology,

allowing kids to secure their figure on the seat. When ready for battle, kids

simply push the activation button and watch as the action figure performs

a 360 degree flip over the handle bars and lands on its feet, ready for

battle!  The Dragon Chopper comes with an exclusive Foot Soldier action

figure, wearing his red Ninja outfit and a removable dragon helmet. (Ages

4+, $19.99, August 2012)   


 Shellraiser:  When the Turtles need to hit the road and take command and

control with them, they all pile into the Shellraiser. Built to run either on

the subway rails or on the busy streets of New York City, the Shellraiser

delivers all the fire power needed for the Turtles to travel together to take

down Shredder and the Foot Clan!  With entrances on the top, in the front

and on the side of the car, up to eight Basic Action Figures can fit inside.

The Shellraiser really packs a punch with Ninja Battle Boost technology,

including a spring loaded cannon on the top of the car and a side door that

automatically opens with the touch of a button, sending kids’ favorite hero

in a half shell flying out the side with 360 degree Ninja flip-kicking action,

to wage battle on anything standing in its way!  (Ages 4+, $29.99, August



Ninja Combat Gear:  Do you have what it takes to become a Ninja

Turtle?  Kids can Turtle up in their favorite Ninja gear to find out! Each

set includes the Turtle’s authentic noise-making ninja weapon, signature

bandana and two throwing stars that will help transform kids into their

very own hero in a half shell!  The Leonardo set comes with a Katana

Sword, the Raphael set includes two Sais, the Donatello set includes a Bo

Staff, and the Michelangelo set features Nunchucks. (Ages 4+, $12.99

each, August 2012)   

Leonardo’s Stealth Sword:  Ever wonder what it would be like to be

Leonardo and battle with his fierce Katana Sword?  Now you can with

Leo’s Stealth Sword!  The fierce Katana Sword looks just like the one

from the TV show and delivers the same power, and then some! Includes

two modes of play: Training mode lets kids swing away, while hearing

Leo’s voice and watching as the sword lights up with an awesome display;

Battle mode let’s Leo give instructions as kids battle against evil mutants.

The longer kids swing, the more awesome the light up effects become

until they eventually defeat the enemy mutants! (Ages 4+, $19.99, August2012)   



 Secret Sewer Lair Playset:  The ultimate playset for Teenage Mutant

Ninja Turtle fans, the Secret Sewer Lair playset is BIG, and ready for

Ninja battle action!  This playset will have kids creating their own Lair of

excitement as they become the leader of the pack, swinging into action,

training the Turtles and defeating Shredder once and for all! Standing 42

inches tall and resembling the Sewer Lair that is home to the Turtles in the

TV show, the Secret Sewer Lair includes more than 20 different exciting

Ninja features, such as: telescoping periscopes so the Turtles can keep

track of what’s going on in the city; ropeswing and swing-down ladders

for joining a battle at a moment’s notice; lines that can be connected to

objects in a kid’s room, allowing the Turtles to rappel into battle; an

elevator in the back of the set for easy transition from floor to floor; a

Shredder statue so the Turtles can practice their Ninja skills; a computer

lab for Donatello to master his latest invention; doors that open and close

easily and floors that fall out, just in the nick of time; an ooze drain to

douse the enemies trying to break in; and much, much more!  (Ages 4+,

$119.99, August 2012)


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