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Dave and Devall’s Toys and Collectibles Episode 2 – Presents Galore

Dave and Devall are back with an all-new episode, and on their regular day!  This week they talk about Christmas Presents received and given, more Matty news, a new Girls line of LEGO’s, new Venture Brothers offerings from BiffBangPow and then dive into to YOUR questions and comments!

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Mattel Drops Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Subscriptions

Mattel cancels the Ecto-1 subscriptions. Click in to read the entire story!

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SDCC DC Universe Swamp Thing

Devall is back with a look at the San Diego Comic Con exclusive DC Universe Classics SWAMP THING!

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Green Lantern Ultimate Construct Collection Review!


BC Direct has the scoop on the the latest construct set from your pals at Mattel! Click in to check it out!

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Batman Legacy – Catman and Golden Age Batman Review

Dave Draper returns to the world of toy reviews with an AMAZING look at Mattel’s BATMAN LEGACY CATMAN and GOLDEN AGE BATMAN with BAT-MITE!

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