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Collection Expansion Extravaganza Episode 46: Our 127 Sale 2016 Haul!

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The old becomes the new! Flea Market Finds becomes Collection Expansion Extravaganza!

Click in to find out more and watch the newest episode!

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Toy Hunter Season 2 Begins April 10th!

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The all-new Season of Travel Channel’s Hit show, TOY HUNTER, begins April 10th!

Click in to check out the commercial for the premiere!

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Flea Market Finds Episode 11

Devall returns for an all-new episode of the always interesting Flea Market Finds! This time out, Devall shows off some awesome new Lunch Boxes, Care Bears and MORE!

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Flea Market Finds Episode 6

In this new show, Devall will unveil some of his best finds from toy shows, flea markets, garage sales and auctions! So join us as we take a look at just WHAT Devall can find!

Devall returns with an all-new Flea Market finds! This time around, he shows off a Batwing, some Vintage Masters of the Universe figures, board games, some great kids books and so much more!

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