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Dave and Devall’s Toys and Collectibles Episode 61: Happy Happy Toyman!

Dave and Devall are back at the toy bar for another week of toy talk, brought to you by The Ka-razy Kings of Toys!

The boys are back for Episode 61! This week they share their thoughts upcoming DC Collectibles products and their time at The ToyMan Toy Show, as well as an all-new Thoughts With A. Das Baron! So grab a stool and saddle up to the toy bar!

Click in to listen!

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MattyCollector.com DC and Watchmen Toy Fair Figures Leaked…


Fans have discovered pictures of the 2013 Toy Fair Offerings for both the DC and Watchmen line!

Click in to see!

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NYCC 2012 DC Exclusive Collectibles 3 3/4″ John Stewart and Atrocitus 2-pack Review!

Hey Guys! New York Comic Con is just around the corner and BC Direct has your review of DC Collectibles NYCC 2012 Exclusive Green Lantern 3 3/4″ John Stewart and Atrocitus 2-Pack!

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SDCC 2012 3 3/4″ Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Kilowog Review!

BC Direct has your look at the NEW 3 3/4″ line from DC Collectibles, starting with Kyle Rayner and Kilowog! These figures feature an INSANE amount of articulation and look fantastic! Take a look!

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SDCC 2012 Day 2: DC Collectibles Panel

BC Direct sat in on the Panel of upcoming DC Collectibles! The pics are below! Check out the WORLD EXCLUSIVE Before Watchmen Silk Spectre!

Among things discussed is the possibility of expanding the new 3 3/4 line to more than just Con Exclusives. DC will also be operating their Facebook page and and will be monitoring ideas from fans and may post pictures of figures that ended up in the “Graveyard.”



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SDCC 2012 Day 2: Sideshow Collectibles!

Some FREAKIN’ Amazing stuff from Sideshow, including some of their awesome DC and Starwars Stuff! Check it out!

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SDCC 2012 Preview Night: DC Collectibles!

Check out the Gallery Below to find out what DC Collectibles had out on Preview Night!

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Tonner’s Virtual Factory Sale!

The Tonner Doll Company is having an amazing Virtual Factory Sale starting Tuesday, April 10th at noon EDT!

Click in for more information!

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F’n Overdose- DC Direct

With the flooding of toy news coming in from the UK last week, it would be sacrilege to make you wait til Friday! Flynn and BC bring you items from the DC Direct 2012 Advertising Pamphlet!

Click in to watch!

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Blackest Night Figure Box Set Review

Find out what’s there and what’s not as BC Direct takes an up close and and personal look at DC Direct’s Blackest Night Box Set! How does the set stack up for the Die Hard Green Lantern fan? Click through to watch!

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