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SDCC 2016 Hasbro Marvel Legends THE COLLECTOR’S VAULT Box Set REVIEW

SDCC Marvel Collector Title

Dave and Devall are BACK to take a look at yet ANOTHER SDCC 2016 Convention Exclusive! Come and check out the Collector’s Vault from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line and see what the boys thought of this monster of a box set!

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G.I. Joe Joe Con 2015 – Boss Fight Studios Interview

Boss Fight title

Devall and Dave chat with Erik Araña and Dave Proctor of Boss Fight Studios about the upcoming release of their Kickstarter-funded toyline, Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.!

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Integrity Toys is ready to launch THE STINGERS Collector Dolls!

Stingers Title

Click in to check out the details on the All-New Integrity Toys Jem and the Holograms collector dolls!

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A Public Service Announcement from ToyWorldOrder.com…

Please take the time to look over this public service announcement. The very face of toy collecting may depend on it…

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SDDC 2012 Day 3: Mattypalooza 2012! …and WWE pics

Pics from the Matty Collector Mattypalooza Panel are now posted! Take a look!

“The Ecto Goggles  will have a slimer animation on the inside of the lens. They will work in conjunction with the PKE… the faster it beeps the faster the animation of slimer will move.”

They also announced a WATCHMEN line!

Also the booth pics of the WWE are below! Check them out !

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F’n Overdose: Who You Gonna Call?

BC and (sort of) Flynn are back to take a look at Mattel’s Matty Collector Exclusive The Rookie from he GhostBusters video game! Click in to watch!

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Lights, Camera, Photog!

BC Direct is back with his FIRST EVER Masters of the Universe Classics figure review! Click in to take a look at Matty Collector’s 30th Anniversary Fearless Photog!

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