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BC Direct’s TMNT Tribulation

BC Direct has a cast iron stomach. Let’s change that.

In honor of the New TMNT Cartoon coming to Nickelodeon this month, BC Direct has decided to put himself through the roughest tribulation a turtles fan can endure. It’s not character knowledge or episode memorization, it’s the Michelangelo Pizza Challenge. In the Original TMNT cartoon, there was not a lack of gross and disgusting pizzas and toppings, thus starting on Sunday September 9th, BC will eat a slice a day all week long.

Here’s where you come in. Bring forward your Turtle knowledge and tell him  @BCDirect720 Twitter what combination you want him to eat. Here’s the rules.

1) It has to be a combination used in the show.
2) You can only submit one choice a day until Friday when the submissions close.

There you go! You have until Sept. 7th to get in your submissions!

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D-Arts Vile Figure Review!

BC Direct walks takes a close look at his “Prize figure” from SDCC this year, and it wasn’t even an exclusive! Check out the Bandai D-Arts Vile Figure from Bluefin/Tamashii Nations!

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Married to the Collection Episode 14: Meet BC Direct and the Soon-to-be Mrs. Direct!

Welcome to Married to the Collection! Spend some time with the Devall’s as Husband Devall tries to explain his collecting habits to his Wife, Carrie!

This week, the happy couple hands over the reigns of the show to fellow ToyWorldOrder.com founder BC Direct and his soon-to-be wife Cassi for a fun-filled romp through ALMOST-Married to the Collection! Listen in as BC does what Devall does every week, which is try to explain and defend his collecting habits to the fairer sex! Let’s just hope that Devall doesn’t spend his week doing what BC does every week! Yikes!

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Dave and Devall’s Toys and Collectibles Episode 7 – Where oh where is my FLAGG?

The Toy Bar is open yet again for business! This week the boys hang out and talk about their least favorite toy line, what the difference is between constructive criticism and goofy criticism, and chat quickly with B.C. Direct! And after all that they answer YOUR fan questions! So come hang out and listen TODAY!

Click in to listen!

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