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Gokaiger Gokai Gun Power Rangers REVIEW

Gokai Title

A. Das Baron returns with an all-new Imported Power Ranger toy review! This time, he takes a look at The Gokai Gun! Click in to check it out!

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Jason Devall has been reviewing toys for the better part of a decade. Through the constant changes and obstacles in his life one thing remained constant, his love for toys. This insane love and his unique kookiness gave him the drive to co-create That New Toy Smell and The Pop Culture Network. He has reviewed hundreds of toys from dozens of companies. From masculine toys to, um, not-so-masculine toys, Devall has timelessly put himself aside to review what the people want. Devall also happens to love anything Disney…and Muppets. Yes…don’t forget the Muppets.

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  • dyl

    hey a das where did you get the magna defender morpher

  • dyl

    give it to me

  • dyl

    do u have sentai morphers

  • dyl

    y r u dressed as a pirate 4

  • Devall

    Das dressed as a pirate because this version of Power Rangers in Japan were actually supposed to be pirates as they stole powers from other rangers.

  • Darren Snakeman

    Yes, Gokaiger version. Here is the US version.