A. Das Baron at the Wayne NJ Toy & Collectibles Show!

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A. Das Baron gives us a look at the Wayne NJ Toy & Collectibles Show!

Click in to check out the video and read an interview with Show Promoter Phil DeMario!

A. Das also got a chance to send some questions to Phil DeMario (who was SUPER busy during the show)! Check out the questions and answers BELOW!

A. Das Baron – Tell us a little about the show (how long it has been going on for/what got it started)

Phil DeMario –The Wayne NJ Sports and Comic Show started back in early 91 on a Thursday Evening. Back then there were not many shows and what there were, were run strictly to make money and not dealer or customer friendly. We decided to change that after being dealer victims at such a show. Both my partner and I are big collectors, for years before the show we searched garage sales and flea markets together many time dragging the kids. Our hearts are with the collector and providing a good family oriented show.

A. Das Baron – New Jersey seems to be a mecca for toy shows. What makes the Wayne NJ show special?

Phil DeMario – Not really. Most of the shows are mixed with more focus on celebrities and not Toys & Collectibles. We are the opposite, focusing on the full gamete of vintage and current hard to find Toys, Comics, Movie Memorabila & Collectibles. You name we got it!
What makes us special is our friendly vendor’s, helpful staff and bend over backwards for the customer policy, not to mention more merchandise per square foot than a Mega Comic Con or Convention. And for only $2.00 !!!

A. Das Baron – When I first attended last month, I was shocked to find attendees of all ages, and a lot of enthused children. How do you think the show appeals to a younger crowd in addition to the usual over 20 crowd of collectors?

Phil DeMario – Our vendors bring the full Monty, they have the experience in the business and the desire to keep the fun and enthusiasm of collecting in children, thus preserving the industry. We suggest parents bring and offering free admission under 12. Many of the dealer’s have free give-a-ways for the kids and keep on top of the shows they watch.

A. Das Baron – Many of us know the show was featured on “Toy Hunter”. Can you explain how that went/came about?

Phil DeMario – Well Steve Savino the Toy Hunter’s side kick has been doing our show since we started. He is a good friend and loyal dealer and supporter of the show. It was a trying day at the show, I was not there, but my partner and daughter ran the show that day and persevered. I think the exposure on the show has increased attendance.

A. Das Baron – Has the TV exposure helped the show?

Phil DeMario – Yes, I believe so. Even though they kept referring to it as a “Flea Market”.

A. Das Baron – What’s your favorite part of the show?

Phil DeMario – Not sure if you mean my show of Toy Hunter Episode.

My Show: Seeing my vendor friends, meeting new customers, watching people enjoy themselves and telling me “Another Great Show” Thanks!

Toy Hunter Episode: Seeing some of my dealer’s interviewed.

A. Das Baron – What’s the craziest item you’ve seen for sale?

Phil DeMario – A real Shrunken Head and a Ancient Indian Fertility Stick.

A. Das Baron – What’s the most awe-inspiring item you’ve seen?

Phil DeMario – Hard to pick for me Toys from my Childhood–Kingzor, Great Garloo & Robot Comando.

A. Das Baron – The turn out appears to be going pretty well. Any plans on expanding, because when I came, it was packed.

Phil DeMario – No plans on leaving the Firehouse, been there so long, Firehouse needs the rental proceed and all around comfortable there. We did promote Toys On The Hudson two years ago and are currently looking for a new venue for Toys On The Hudson 2 somewhere along the Hudson River in Jersey City or Hoboken. That show had over 170 tables, guest Comic Artists and Celebrities.

A. Das Baron – Anything you can tell us about the future of the show?

Phil DeMario – We will run it as long as the dealer’s and public want us to.

A. Das Baron – Any funny/interesting stories?

Phil DeMario – Tons, as a matter of fact we could produce our own reality show. One that come to mind is a Father had not seen his son for over 20+ years and they met at our show. They continue to come every first Sunday and quest together.
Another is about our vendor Vinny. His Mom would drop him off at our Thursday night show 20+ years ago when he was a young boy, we would watch him and he would sell his toys that he tired of. He is still with us today.

A. Das Baron – Anything you would like to tell the folks who haven’t yet made it to the show or may be on the fence about attending?

Phil DeMario – If you are interested in collecting anything you need to come and check us out. I guarantee you a good time and friendly atmosphere for $2.00 how can you beat it. In winter months there is also a 300 antique flea market across the street at the PAL. Check our website and look at all the pictures www.waynenjtoyandcollectiblesshow.com

Special thanks to Phil DeMario and everyone involved with the Wayne NJ Toy and Collectibles Show for allowing us to give all of you a look at the amazing sights to be seen! Make sure if you are ever in the area on the First Sunday, check them out! Well worth the visit!

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