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BOARD! Hosted by Devall & “Pixel” Dan Starts September 7th!

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Starting September 7th on Youtube.com/BoardTheShow, “”Pixel” Dan Eardley and Jason Devall return to the internet airwaves as a team once more!

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After almost 2 years in the making, BOARD! is almost ready to make it’s internet debut! On September 7th, “Pixel” Dan Eardley and Jason Devall will return to co-host a show all about Board Games! With their usual style and antics, the guys will look at the best and worst of board games from the 50’s to today!

Season One will begin on September 7th and can be seen on the Board! Youtube page, as well as right here on ToyWorldOrder.com and Pixel-Dan.com!

The first season will consist of 10 episodes! After which there will be a 6 week hiatus as Season 2 is prepared!

So be sure to go to Youtube.com/BoardTheShow and hit subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! And while you are there, make sure you subscribe to ToyworldOrder and Pixel-Dan to keep tabs on both of their solo reviews and projects as well!

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Board! is a co-production from ToyWorldOrder.com and Pixel-Dan.com. Created by Jason Devall and co-hosted by “Pixel” Dan Eardley and Jason Devall.

Board logo created by Travis Whilden

Board Theme song lyrics created by A. Das Baron

Board Theme song performed by Kevin MacCleod and A. Das Baron

Be sure to visit Pixel-Dan.com by clicking the logo BELOW!


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Jason Devall has been reviewing toys for the better part of a decade. Through the constant changes and obstacles in his life one thing remained constant, his love for toys. This insane love and his unique kookiness gave him the drive to co-create That New Toy Smell and The Pop Culture Network. He has reviewed hundreds of toys from dozens of companies. From masculine toys to, um, not-so-masculine toys, Devall has timelessly put himself aside to review what the people want. Devall also happens to love anything Disney…and Muppets. Yes…don’t forget the Muppets.

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