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Captain Action $5 off sale at Toys R Us!

CA and DE TRU Sale web

NOW is the PERFECT time to pick some of these up!

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Captain Action $5 off sale at Toys R Us

Superhero toy line prepares for Wave 3

New York, N.Y. (March 14, 2013) –Captain Action Enterprises announces a new $5.00 off basic costume sets sale at Toys R Us. Captain Action, the original super hero action figure, was reintroduced last year with a new figures and new costume sets featuring Marvel heroes and villains. Like the original 1960’s toy, fans buy costume sets for their action figure to create their favorite super hero characters.

In preparation for the upcoming Iron Man and Wolverine costume sets, Toy R Us and ToysRUs.com is offering $5.00 off all costume sets, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and Loki.
The special Cover Classic series, spotlighting special covers are a part of this sale too. The Golden Age Captain America, and the Bronze Age Thor are the first two in this collectible series. Each costume set also offers four mini- covers by artists Jack Kirby & Joe Simon and Walter Simonson.
The deluxe costume sets, which contain additional costume elements and parts of a Hawkeye costume that can be used to create a full Hawkeye character, are not a part of this sale. However, they can be found at comic shops nationwide, as well as at online retailers, bookstores, hobby shops and specialty stores.
“We want to be make the line available to new fans, to families and to kids, and also give the collectors the ability to complete their collections in anticipation of Wave 3,” said Joe Ahearn, partner and co-founder of Captain Action Enterprises.

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Capt America and Thor costumes Captain Action

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