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Toy World Order is like a family. We’ve all been pretty close with each other and also with our dedicated group of viewers. Which is why I feel comfortable with telling all of you how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

Those who know me well and who have followed me on this site and Twitter know my passion for toys is infinite, yet it takes a back seat when it comes to my passion for filmmaking and my loving fiancée. This has been more than evident with the cancellation of F’N last year and my sporadic absence from this site from time to time.

Flynn moving away from the area has put the kibosh on F’N ever coming back to Toy World Order anytime soon. Honestly, with both of our schedules, even if Flynn was still around the show would have transformed into a Plug-and-Play type show that I never wanted to see happen. Flynn’s departure has opened my eyes to the future of myself and my involvement with this site.

I love toys. I love speaking my mind about them and I love collecting them. I believe that Toy World Order still has the power to change the toy reviewing world. But alas, it will have to do so without me. At this moment, I am stepping away from the toy review world. In my short time on this site, you all have made me feel welcome and that is the part that really makes me want to stay.

In a few short months I will be a Husband first and a filmmaker second, two responsibilities that will provide me with absolutely zero time for anything else. As much as it pains me to say it, Reviewing has been a distraction from the life I have chosen to live since High School. I moved to California to pursue this dream and reviewing has sidetracked just that. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of it but I have just simply lost sight of what I was doing here. If I continued to do this it, losing my dream would inevitably point to this site as the reason for slowing me down and over time I would despise it.

The life of a reviewer is difficult, and coupled with the difficulties of doing my day job it’s down right impossible. It is an ongoing thing on both sides. New ideas would come to me as the piles and piles of review pieces would never shrink. If I pursued both, then I would have no time for my future wife, and I refuse to do that to someone who has been there and supported me through one of my darkest times.

I have talked about this with Jason off and on for about 6 months so he is well aware of the thoughts I have been thinking. I have posted this here for you so that there is no confusion to why I am stepping away from a website that I absolutely love. Past experiences and conversations have shown me that “people talk.”

I will continue to collect toys. I will continue to post toy related news on my twitter feed. I will still be around, just not around to make reviews for this site. I love you all, but I need to protect my career, my relationship, and my dreams.

Thanks for all the views, I wish nothing but the best for Devall and the site, and I hope that you all stop in to check me out on my future endeavors.



Brandon Clayton (BC Direct)

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