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Dave and Devall’s Toys and Collectibles Episode 43: Voxpopuli!

Dave and Devall are back at the toy bar for another week of toy talk, brought to you by The Ka-razy Kings of Toys!

The boys are back for Episode 43 as they march towards Episode 50! This week they talk about Castle Greyskull pre-orders, the return of Power Lords, LEGO Turtles and more before they answer YOUR questions and bring you a new episode of Thought’s with A. Das Baron! So grab a stool and saddle up to the toy bar!

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Jason Devall has been reviewing toys for the better part of a decade. Through the constant changes and obstacles in his life one thing remained constant, his love for toys. This insane love and his unique kookiness gave him the drive to co-create That New Toy Smell and The Pop Culture Network. He has reviewed hundreds of toys from dozens of companies. From masculine toys to, um, not-so-masculine toys, Devall has timelessly put himself aside to review what the people want. Devall also happens to love anything Disney…and Muppets. Yes…don’t forget the Muppets.

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  • JockNerd94

    Devall you speak of major companies not caring for the collector market I was just wondering how do you think Hasbro looks at Bronies and there wants for there collections 

  • Devall

    Good question. I think Hasbro knows that their toy sales for the MLP:FiM items is largely being sold to collectors. But not sure what they think of the group on whole. I think they are trying to distance themselves from Bronies due to the different oddities within the group, pony porn and the such. They will continue their marketing towards little girls and will throw the fans a bone at SDCC every year. But beyond that I don’t see them supporting the Brony community in any way, shape or form.