BC Direct’s TMNT Tribulation

BC Direct has a cast iron stomach. Let’s change that.

In honor of the New TMNT Cartoon coming to Nickelodeon this month, BC Direct has decided to put himself through the roughest tribulation a turtles fan can endure. It’s not character knowledge or episode memorization, it’s the Michelangelo Pizza Challenge. In the Original TMNT cartoon, there was not a lack of gross and disgusting pizzas and toppings, thus starting on Sunday September 9th, BC will eat a slice a day all week long.

Here’s where you come in. Bring forward your Turtle knowledge and tell him  @BCDirect720 Twitter what combination you want him to eat. Here’s the rules.

1) It has to be a combination used in the show.
2) You can only submit one choice a day until Friday when the submissions close.

There you go! You have until Sept. 7th to get in your submissions!

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