SDCC 2012 Exclusive: Night Shadow Leonardo Figure Review!

BC Direct has your first review of the SDCC 2012 Exclusive Night Shadow Leonardo from Playmates Toys!

Sold at the Nickelodeon booth this year, This exclusive has been met with mixed reviews. Decide for yourself if the exclusive is a pass or purchase!


The following information was released from Playmates Toys in regards to the Night Shadow Leonardo Exclusive.

“We understand that some fans may be disappointed by the lack of articulation, but there is a reason we did the figure this way. The reflective effect created by the unique decoration is most effectively realized in a static pose. The concept behind the figure was to create an illusion that the green glow coming from the manhole cover (the base that comes with the figure) is reflecting against Leo. Once his limbs are moved, you lose the effect completely. Hopefully our fans will like the really striking pose and look of the figure, and understand we had to sacrifice the articulation.”

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