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SDCC 2012: A look back with Flynn and BC Direct

In their first video together since F’n, Flynn and BC Direct discuss the good, the bad, and ugly of this years Comic-con International. Find out how the show went in the opinion of the boys and if they plan to return next year!

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Jason Devall has been reviewing toys for the better part of a decade. Through the constant changes and obstacles in his life one thing remained constant, his love for toys. This insane love and his unique kookiness gave him the drive to co-create That New Toy Smell and The Pop Culture Network. He has reviewed hundreds of toys from dozens of companies. From masculine toys to, um, not-so-masculine toys, Devall has timelessly put himself aside to review what the people want. Devall also happens to love anything Disney…and Muppets. Yes…don’t forget the Muppets.

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  • http://twitter.com/bowspearer Andrew Richards

    Great podcast guys although I thought it was worth chiming in on the “derpy” issue. I realise that this is getting political, but it’s impossible to discuss it without getting political.*climbs on soapbox*

    There are several problems here. The first is that when you’re using a word in that type of context; it’s only a matter of time before people start using it to describe the disabled. Compounding this the fact that despite our hypocritical claims of “never again” with regards to the Holocaust; eugenics is alive and well in our society.

    It was only 30 years ago when some states in the USA ended their policies of mandatory sterilisation of the disabled, while there is a prevalent negative attitude to those who don’t abort children with Down-syndrome and other disabilities, on the grounds of the  quite literally Nazi attitudes of “they’re a worthless burden on society” and “would you want to live if you were like that”. Another glaring example is that on Highway Patrol, an Australian reality TV show a showing what life is like for Victorian Highway Patrol officers, there was an incident where a police officer accused a driver on camera of “driving like a spastic. Make no mistake, the same attitudes which justified the precedent for the Holocaust are alive and well in Western society. A great resource for anyone not aware of the links between this sort of bigotry and the Holocaust is this 5 part Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVVNPAvCfH0 .

    Finally you have the fact that his is coming from Hasbro who not that long ago was in hot water for a similar controversy. I’m sure people remember the Power Core Combiners figure, “Spastic” who created such an uproar that in Australia he was renamed as “Decepticharge”. The reason for this of course was because “spastic” in this country is a slur targeted at those who have Cerebral Palsy. In fact the “Spastic Centre”, an advocacy group for those with Cerebral Palsy here, were forced to rename their organisation to “The Cerebral Palsy Alliance” swome time ago due to the way the meaning of the word changed into a slur. People have long memories, especially those of us with disabilities who have dealt with this kind of bigotry for most of our lives and so it’s understandable that the reactions of some people are “great- Hasbro is at it again!”

    The big problem here is that Derpy is ultimately such a shot at people with disabilities. There’s always a slow character in every sitcom, but usually with that formula, the character doesn’t have a name which turns them into a satirical shot towards people with disabilities. It’s no different to having an African American character and naming them “boy”.

    The problem here is that as per usual, Hasbro are too busy being ignorant when writing/marketing, to recognise that there is a line here that when crossed, turns something into Nazi apologetics, no matter how unintentional it might be. It can change, but that requires Hasbro to wake up to themselves and actually understand the wider contexts of some of the stunts they pull. *gets off soapbox*