Custom Kitchen- TMNT Slash

I’ve been heavily requested lately to review some of my own custom action figures and while I don’t think that reviews of customs are very news worthy, I have devised a way to have them set up on the side bar of the front page here at Welcome to the first post of something I like to call Custom Kitchen! This is a small blog about custom action figures that includes the ins and outs of what went into the creation of them .

This weeks Custom is hot off the work bench. Introducing a TMNT Slash Custom. Slash had always been a favorite figure of mine in the original line and I felt that he deserved a figure to match the new TMNT 4″ line from Playmates Toys. And while PT may end up releasing him down the line, I just simply couldn’t wait. 😛

TMNT Slash Custom
Body: 4″ TMNT 2012 Raphael
Shoulder pads: Taken and repainted from the original Slash figure.
Weapons: Razor Repainted original Spiked Gnarly Knife and recast of the the 2012 Raph Sai, slightly modified

Points of Articulation: Head , Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Legs, Knees

Work done: Sculpted new shell, Claws were made of Resin and Styrene, Drilled out eye to be larger and scuplted a rise in the mask, Sculpted Spikes and Toenails, and Paintwashed the teeth for that viscous look!

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