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F’n Cancelled.

“So long and thanks for all the fish.”

Well I’m sure there’s 2 people out there that are surprised by this, them being Flynn and myself. We started the day shooting another episode and in the midst we both had a chat about the show. We love the show, we love our viewers, we love (most of) the toys. We don’t want anyone to think that we ran into differences.

Essentially it all comes back to our lives outside of the show. While we have tried in the past to keep this train a rollin’, our lives and those immediately around us have conflicted. 80 hour work weeks and shitty schedules have been our antagonists in the past and yes, they are once again. However, we have decided to put the effort elsewhere in the site. You will still see us on the site doing reviews, segments, and sketches they just won’t all be confined to an episode format.

It pains me that this has to happen, but as Flynn and I agreed on, we’d rather the show go down now while the site is still relatively new. There is a chance that the show could come back way down the line, but now, we’d rather put efforts into other aspects of the site for now. This Friday will mark the last (no joke this time) episode of F’n.

To all of our fans, we hope you had as much fun watching as we did making it, and we hope you still stick around to see what Toy World Order is all about. We still have a lot to show you.

Your friends,
BC Direct and Flynn

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