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F’n Overdose: When Flynn met BC


There have been many emails regarding how the Parnership of BC and Flynn was formed. Today, we answer those emails with all the fun and low budget pizzazz you have come to expect from the show!

What lies below is a story based on pure fact. The names and locations have not been changed in anyway. (Yes, you get to find out BC and Flynn’s real names.) …and check this, it’s EXCLUSIVE to THIS SITE! Sorry YouTube Subscribers!


About the author


BC Direct has been collecting action figures for two decades, pursuing it as hobby next to his career in the entertainment industry. He has been involved in the Food and Beverage Review game for several years inside his mind and decided that the world of Toy Reviews would be the next logical step. When he isn’t dancing with the stars or risking his life on Deadliest Catch, he can be found in his studio creating and customizing action figures and accessories. He is very energetic in expressing his opinion, often past the point of tactfulness or making sense. But what else can be expected from someone who would rather pull his teeth, than bite his tongue?

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