An Important F’n Announcement

From the makeshift desk of BC Direct:

Hey Gang,
I am distraught to inform you all that there isn’t going to be an F’n this week as well. I know we said last week that we would be returning with a new episode, but things have come up in both Flynn and I’s life. I would love to promise you an episode the week after next, but honestly I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. I’ve made a promise to you and myself that I will continue to do these episodes so long as I can give the episode 100%. With my hectic schedule at this time, I feel the quality of the episodes will diminish dramatically (and I”m not wasting my time with making crap.)

This isn’t an “Shows over” letter, just a “We’ll get to it as we can” letter. It could be 2 weeks, it could be two months (hopefully it’s not the latter) Things would be easier if Flynn and I had a normal set 9-5 job, but that’s just not the way things work out here….and you can’t rule the world working 9-5.

F’n will return.

See you soon,

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