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Toy Foolery #1

Are you ready for some Toy Foolery? Wondering what we mean, then by toy click in to begin your journey!


Hey everyone! David World here welcoming you to Toy Foolery.

For our initial post, let me explain how this will works. I go to a lot of stores looking for toys… A LOT… and sometimes I see items packaged incorrectly or in funny poses and sometimes I even see toys that have been repackaged and returned to the store by collectors that don’t like to play by the rules…and I take pictures of ALL OF IT!!!

Toy Foolery shows you these funny or shocking toy finds for your entertainment but also to help educate all the members of the Order to pay close attention and make sure when you buy a toy, you’re getting what you’re supposed to.



“I wonder if they replaced the comic too.”

But wait…there’s more



“Someone stole someone else’s idea.”

Want to submit your OWN Toy Foolery pictures? Then attach them to an e-mail with your name and send it over to ToyFoolery@toyworldorder.com! Your Toy pictures could end up on an episode of Toy Foolery for you to brag about to all your friends!

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